Wednesday, April 15, 2009

surf report: cowells beach

have i ever mentioned that my feet are my favorite part of my body? they are! now...that's not to say that i have amazing feet...they are just my favorite. the most liked doesn't always mean the best. you know? today....whoohoo! beautiful blue skies. a brisk 60 degrees. great swell...3-5 footers. it was a glorious day. i finally shed my surfing least that's what brad said. i remembered to bend my knees when i got up....improvement is always a good thing. but more then anything it was awesome to connect with the ocean, peace and quiet and a solid breakfast burrito. all told, it was practically a perfect day....

AND....LOST is on tonight. can it get any better? i'd better go get ready....take care!


Pastor's Perspective said...

Good feet...Good swell...Good burrito...Good golly! Glad your day was all that and a bag of... Dorritos. Enjoy Lost.

Sharon said...

So glad you had a great surf day!

You need to bring the camera with you! Between the black flip flops, the dark pavement and the camera phone your feet look really bright white!

Hope you get another great surf day soon!

michelle said...

Ummm...can you please bring your wife with you next time?!

Anonymous said...

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