Monday, April 27, 2009

it's just not the same

welcome back! i mean, me....welcome back. thanks!

so today i want to talk about vacation as a child vs. vacation as an adult. sharon and i recently stole away a few days with all the kidlets to the mountainous, tree invested sierra nevadas. it was beautiful and quiet and we disconnected for sure. no wi-fi, no cell service, no tv. but one thing that was exactly like home was how much work we did. let me explain. we still had a baby with us. we still had complainy big kids with us. we still had to cook and clean, etc... you get the picture.

i remember vacation being so fun and free when i was a kid....not a care in the world. no chores....just fun! it is a completely different experience as an adult. unless we go to a place with room service and a concierge...and an unlimited money supply...chances are...we're still working.

now don't get me wrong, it's not like we don't enjoy ourselves or our kids...we do...but the days of total complete relaxation are least for a little while. :-) i'm sure we'll be complaining someday how the kids never call as we bask in the sunshine on the beach sipping fruity drinks with umbrellas. can't win!

have a great day!


vsossaman said...

You make me laugh! Glad you had a good trip a change of scene is always good!

Sue said...

The vacations get easier I promise. I totally enjoy going on vacation with my family and even did a few years ago. I wish we could go on more and spend more time as a family with them, it goes by so fast, and it is the most relaxing time.

Cheryl said...

A wise friend told me once that as a parent vacation was just "life in a different place" I guess you've proved it true!

Sharon said...

True Cheryl! So true!

Natalie said...

Im sending you a hug through the computer... (-: