Monday, April 13, 2009


is it really possible that sharon and i have a 10 year old boy? it's really tough to imagine. i remember being 21....newly married for about a minute (3 mo.) and my wife tells me she's pregnant. WHAT? HOW DID THAT HAPPEN???? know....(shrug). scared and unsure as i was about being a 1st time dad, other then a pretty good case of being obsessive about being clean and neat at all times....our first born has weathered our lack of parenting skills fairly unscathed. i'm sure the effects of the rest of our short comings will come due when he's older. :-)

but seriously, brady is about the best boy you could want. thoughtful. caring. smart. interesting. respectful....for the most part (aren't all kids a little sassy?). he's now getting into the lord of the rings series, which i totally love. in fact, the other night....we were at a restaurant grabbing a quick bite and he displayed a paper of random symbols to sharon and i. when we asked what it was, he told us it was his name written in elvish. what? are you serious? he had memorized the elvish alphabet in the book 'the hobbit' and written his name is this made up language???? i was unsure if i should be really proud, or nervous. :-)

but along with brady's crazy love for all things movie (he will be a director heard it here first)....which we're really banking on being our his unwavering kindness. he is the boy that will be friends with anyone he meets...and stay that way forever. he is more patient that i could ever be with his little sisters....all of them....and they all think that he walks on water. it's the cutest thing ever! is for you buddy! i love you more then i could ever express in a single blog post. i'm so proud of who you are...and who you will be. happy birthday!


vsossaman said...

Here, here! Happy birthday to dear brady.

Sue said...

You guys have done an awesome job. But I would have to be a little nervous about the alphabet in Elvish! Ha Ha that is so cute. Happy Birthday Brady!

Pastor's Perspective said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRADY!! We love you and are so proud of you pal!

Michele B said...

Woohoo! LOTR is the best :) Happy birthday!