Friday, April 10, 2009

'good' friday

is has always puzzled me why today is called good friday. i mean....i get why it's good....but who decided to call it that originally? maybe 'reflection friday' or 'remembrance friday' or 'memorial friday'???? but 'good' friday?

i'm feeling a little half empty right now, so you can read through those glasses. but it seems like much in life has that same contradiction. many of us stay positive for positivity's sake, bur just stinks sometimes.

it's been said that life is a journey...but doesn't it feel sometimes like we've already arrived...and we aren't going to go anywhere else? we showed up at aunt martha's house and we're stuck at the kids table smelling cousin jimmy's farts (you're welcome) while uncle bob is cracking every body up at the adult table because he's had to much to drink. and there we are....stuck.

are the words of the great hanna montana (i can't believe i know this) really's what you make it? or has the hand bean dealt, and our destiny is to sit and wait it out? does it seem like the scenery changes from time to time, but the story remains the same? maybe that's the journey? struggle.

enjoy the easter weekend. spend it with family...with friends. i'm going to try and climb out of my whole...see you on the other side!

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