Thursday, April 9, 2009

what...a difference?

i know that many of you have graced the hallowed halls of higher education and could/can/should probably run linguistic circles around my silly blog...and it's for this fact that i sheepishly reveal that i didn't go to college....(sigh)...a bit of background.

i loved high school. had fun...did fine....but i never really aspired to go on and do more schooling...let alone pay tens of thousands of dollars for it. after all, i was going to be a rock star...i didn't need a college degree for that!

well, my life turned out a little bit different that i expected. i did not become a rock star...instead i met a beautiful brown eyed girl when i was 19 and married her when i was 21. i know...seems really young now. we had our son a year later and continued on to try and over populate the san francisco bay area. that was 11 years ago.

that brings me to my point. i was talking to my son the other day and he informed me that he wasn't going to college. i smiled and told him that college really opens doors for your life and other opportunities that you probably won't have if you don't go. then he says, 'you didn't go to college...and you did fine.'

what do you say to that? i weighed his personal sense of security to the impact of the point i wanted him to understand and simply responded that i was lucky.

now, i'm not here to make any kind of judgment about good or bad...because the fact is that everyone has a different story, and how college falls into that story will effect everyone differently. but, i'm curious what your thoughts are? in my own life, i have a deep feeling of regret for what i 'missed out' on. but i'm also incredibly happy with the life that sharon and i, how can you possibly compare the two paths?

i'd love to hear what you think about be sure and leave a comment to weigh in!

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vsossaman said...

Interesting blog Jeramy. I specifically remember the coversation that you and I had about college. I remember that I was disappointed in your decision but I also understood we all make our own choices. My disappointment stemmed as well from my choice not to finish my education I was so close to completion but I was ready to moveon! I knew that my life, even though I had a happy life there was a part that was not finished. So I will say to you, it is never too late.(Hmm sounds like a song I heard) College is so accessable these days, locally as well as on line. One of the great things about waiting until you are older, is you have a greater sense as to what your interests will be.

blgidney said...

I too was one of those kids who was sure rock star status was just a show or practice away... but had parents who encouraged (not pressured) me through college. Rock star no... Great life yes... College degree, got one, but haven't needed it yet. That said, I remember my parents always focusing on having a plan. Rock star was not an acceptable one, but neither was delivering pizzas for ever. College, trade school, internships, volunteer work... it all came up and somehow that idea of looking forward beyond the next paycheck or month or year stuck, and here I am. Don't know if this helps, but I'd love to chat more about it. I look back with such great gratitude for my parents who put up with my wonderings and consistently supported me. Plus it would be fun to catch up!