Wednesday, February 4, 2009

almost better then L O S T

just kidding! for those of you that loath my LOST blog were probably hoping that i was finally becoming tired of the show. well, think again. actually, to the contrary....i'm so in love with season 5 already, that i can barely wait for wednesday to come every single week. any blog reader 'james' left me an amazing link last week to a video blog by fellow LOST fan Al Trautwig. you sports fans (not that i really think any sports fans read this blog), more specifically ny knicks fans will know mr. trautwig from his tv commentary on the knicks games. i think that is basketball or something. any how...this dude has LOST skills for sure. so...i've taken the liberty in posting his first two episodes. for those of you that love'll love this. enjoy!

************UPDATE - 2-9-09************** i've decided to continue to add mr. trautwig's LOST video blogs to this post...that way they are all in the same spot. check out the new one!


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh but this guy is good! I found myself saying 'holy cow, how does he remember all this stuff.' COOL DUDE


Matt Skinner said...

Hey Jeramy - Sheffy Fields sent me the links to your site & blog. I met you YEARS ago when you worked at Gordon' sold me my first electric guitar, a Peavey. Good to read your blog and catch up with what's happening in your world. BTW, my wife is a HUGE "Lost" fan. She got busy doing stuff last night, and when she realized she'd missed the first half of it, she almost cussed. Imagine that - a pastor's wife cussing? That's intense it is.

Matt Skinner said...

I meant to say that's HOW intense it is, meaning her devotion to the show.