Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The start of a grand adventure

well...last night was a pretty big deal at the sossaman house. my beautiful wife and i officially launched our new website for our photography business. defenitly go check it out. also, it would be absolutely amazing if you shared the site with your friends and family. sharon is absolutely amazing at what she does, and they will love her for sure. thanks so much for your help! ok. here it is. go there now! no, i'm not kidding. now. that's right....hear the little song....that's it....cute huh? good. thanks everybody! you're the best!


Pastor's Perspective said...

SUPERBLY DONE! Praying for all the success this excellent website will bring!

Wendy Tienken said...

Wow, Jeramy! The site is fantastic! Great music, great images. Just GREAT!!

Sharon said...

I didn't even see that you blogged this! I love that we have an original song!

Nicholle said...

I love that it is an OUR venture! You two are a great team!!!

You both are so inspiring to me!! I love witnessing your friendship/partnership marriage!

Very good example to us single people!!

Matt Reoch said...

Great new website you guys! I really love the photo's that you took of us Sharon! They are some of my favorites from that day in Sonoma!
Also, a great logo and name of the business... Well done!

Sharon said...

Aww... thanks Matt!
I'm still so excited about the site! I keep going back and looking at it.