Thursday, January 3, 2013


i love change.  i know that's not true of everyone.  but i love it....especially when it comes to decoration.  i've said many times that if i could snap my fingers and change paint color in my house i would do it every six months.  i used to love rearranging my bedroom when i was a kid just for the first moment the next morning when you wake up and everything is different. 

as an adult i have learned to value consistency, which isn't always in opposition with change, but could be viewed that way.  i do appreciate when life is predictable in some ways.  but beneath it all, i believe that change is still the spice of life. 

recently i've been a part of 2 different remodel projects.  both at work places.  it's interesting how people respond when their surroundings get torn apart and then rebuilt in a new way.  some get excited.  others stress of the cost or the inconvenience of it all.  some get angry because maybe they were involved in building what is now being taken down and tossed into the dumpster.  the responses may be diverse...but everyone seems to have an opinion. 

what do you think?  what side of the line do you fall on?  protecting what's been done for so long instead of creating something new?  or moving so often that you don't ever allow roots to grow deep?  do you think there is a right or wrong approach?

food for thought...let me know yours!

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