Wednesday, January 2, 2013

watch your text mister!

i can hear my 11th grade english teacher now...."watch your tone mr. sossaman!"

so often it's not what you say but how you say it.  right?  which leads me to my point.  in our world today, the verbal conversation is quickly becoming obsolete.  so in the land of text and do you possibly convey or determine tone when you are communicating with the written word alone?  have you every misunderstood an email?  assigned incorrect motive to someones actions based on a mis-read of a text?  i certainly have.

so, here's my solution....if the conversation requires more than one line from me and one response from the recipent...then it's best to just make an old fashioned phone call.  or better yet (brace yourself) actually speak in person!!!!

i think we could all use a little more face to face interaction, don't you?  after all, it's the original social media.  so go on...try it!

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mom said...

I"m with you Jeramy :)