Monday, June 4, 2012

i'm working it out...

...not my body....which could be one of my issues....i digress.  i can't believe i'm saying this....but i joined a gym.  no joke.  i did.  my beautiful wife convinced me with her mysterious ways to join the new salvation army kroc center.  sharon and the kiddos went every day last week.  there are all sorts of activities for the bigger ones and free child care for the little ones.  and a pool.  the list goes on.

i started my fitness quest a couple years back, and i've done a pretty good job at keeping up with that....a solid B+ you could say.  but the one element that i haven't embraced is exercise.  i just don't enjoy it.  when i hear friends talk about the high they feel after working out...i just can't relate.  the only thing i feel after doing any type of exercise is the sense that my lungs are trying to jump out of my chest.  but listen...i'm a team player, so when sharon asked me if i wanted to go with all the kids on saturday morning i said SURE!

after we got everyone all situated, sharon gave me a brief tutorial on the treadmill.  let me tell you, this thing can pretty much exercise for you.  you can watch tv, listen to you ipod, all through the treadmill.  it tells you your heart rate, how many calories you're burning. it's amazing!  this may be ancient history to you gym aficionado's, but as a newbie, i was totally impressed.  any how after 30 minutes of walking and 30 minutes of biking, i sat down and took a breather.  sharon looked at me eagerly and asked...."so, what did you think....?"  i looked up and said, "well, i think i need to go buy some new work out shoes".

and that about says it all, doesn't it.

maybe with my new shoes i'll be able to run faster....if i ever needed to.  tune in this week...part 3 is coming!

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Nicky said...

Way to go Jeramy!

I wish I was there with so many people going to the gym I'd have NO excuses! I'd always have a workout partner!