Friday, June 1, 2012

somebody's watching - part 2

first off...let me say that i am completely aware that i am NOT a big shot.  musically speaking, i've enjoyed a very pleasant tenure as a big fish in a very small pond and i am not confused about that fact at all.  so, i've hesitated to tell this story partly because i'm embarrassed to say out loud that anyone in their right mind (which you'll soon see is quite debatable) would ever become infatuated with me.  but none the we are.

as i clicked on vicki's profile pic and started looking at her wall, i realized that there was a lot more going on.  i began reading through wall post, after wall post from her, about me.  she was basically having a conversation with me...only i wasn't there.  here's a sampling of some of the "conversations" she was having with me all by herself on her facebook, mind you...everyone that she is friends with on FB can see this madness....and none of her friends ever commented.  here you go.

"ok...i did call...twice...cause i got scared and hung up too i called back 'terrified' voice was all froggy cause its so early...gosh J...i hope i did the right thing...i seriously would have called last nite...please hang on...why is it the pit in my stomach has started you're already bailing..."

"...have a good day....think of me"

" this morning i'm getting those mixed signals from you...please let me know that you're not punching holes in this..pls..."

"if you want me to call...i will...i don't know when is a good time...or if i'm reading this right...i would"

"yesterday was awesome....i'll be thinking of you...and i did dream about you... :)"

"...and the very was to're an awesome man mr. sossaman :)  and i hope to get to know you better..."

"...i know we were put in each other's lives for a reason...i don't doubt that....for a minute..."

"...a thousand times i'd like to call that number...but never would without your that what you're sayin?  because mine is also on you have that too.  it's my cell....i can't bit you thru the phone...everytime i'm so afraid you're gonna run off....when we/i talk about this."

"...ok...this is nuts but i'm gonna jus say know that pic of you with your daughter asleep on your shoulder...know what i focused on...???  ok...this is the going for it side....(your lips) so there"

"so are you ready to let me go now...?  jeramy this is driving me crazy...i don't know what i did wrong?"

"jeramy i'm home today...not feeling well...just tell me"

i read back a month or so on her wall and it was all like this.  i felt like i was in one of those lifetime movies where the girl finally finds the room in the crazy guys house and sees all the pictures of herself all over the wall.  you know that movie?  and all of a sudden she realizes that she's been followed and watched for awhile.  honestly, i was really freaked out.  i felt sick.

i crawled back in bed.  sharon was still asleep and i wasn't going to wake her to tell her what had just happened.  i laid in bed till the sun came up.


J StarD said...

WOW thats really crazy!

jeramy sossaman said...

right!!! i'm glad i waited a bit before i wrote this...i was way too weird-ed out before.

Nicky said...

Oh my word! Is she blocked now??

jeramy sossaman said...

you'll have to wait for part 3

Nicky said...

How many parts are there? You sure know how to keep em' coming back! Hate that!!

And you ARE a big deal!!

Mindy A said...

I'm freaking out over here like I need to have surveillance at your house 24/7!!

Carissa said...

How crazy!!!!! Can't wait to read part 3!!!!