Wednesday, July 13, 2011

one year

can it be true?  has it been a whole year already?

july 9, 2010....sharon and i showed up to UCSF for a "standard" doctor's appointment and ended up beginning a journey that would change our lives forever.  most of you know...but for those of you that don't you can read the whole story right here.

a lot has happened.  life has continued as much as we might have wanted it to stop at times.  jillian has continued to grow and do very well.  and by God's great protection she has stayed healthy and steered clear from sickness and unforeseen health troubles.  we are incredibly thankful and grateful for that. 

as the 1 year marker approaches i've found myself longing for and dreading the same thing, all at the same time.  today, we celebrate...and mourn simultaneously.  it's difficult to put into words, but i know that even though we are acutely aware of the fragility of life, we are still running head first into it with all that we have....and we'll continue to.

thank you Lord for carrying us through these last 365 days.  YOU are our supply and our comfort and our strong tower in our time of weakness.

happy birthday jillian.

anne...may you rest in God's everlasting peace.


Amanda mays said...

Thinking of you, Sharon and the kids! Prayers & warm wishes from me to you always! Happy Birthday girls!

shatkin said...