Wednesday, April 13, 2011

going dark

hey all...
i hope this gorgeous morning is treating you well. bright and shiny...not dark like the title of this post. so what's with the title you may be asking yourself? more on that in a minute...first, here's a bit of an update.

my beautiful wife and our 5 amazing kids have just gotten back from 10 glorious days at our happy place on the beach and i find myself in desperate withdraws already. so, to aid in my own rehabilitation, here are a few highlights from our trip and one of the many gorgeous sunsets that we witnessed.

beautiful huh? we all had such a great time of relaxation and reconnection. as most of you know, 2010, was an incredibly trying year for our family...and the beach was just what the doctor ordered.

now, for the title. going dark? i wanted to let you know that for the next several months (not exactly sure how long) my blog is going dark. quiet. on hiatus. why, you ask? only because i find myself in a stage of wanting to restructure many areas of my life...and i don't know totally how that's going to look, but i do know that it will require a process of stripping down many elements in order to rebuild things the way i'd like. i'm grateful for this blog and the outlet that it is for me...and i appreciate all of you for reading and sharing your own thoughts on my madness. my hope is that i return better then ever...but at this point, i just don't know. so, thanks. love you all...and for now...goodbye!


Jody Williamson said...

We will miss you while you are on your hiatus. Enjoy! Looking forward to what you will share when you get back!

Carrie said...

Prayers and blessings to you on your new journey. Look forward to seeing where it takes you:)

dave said...

I admire your courage... to stop doing something that you enjoy & derive so much pleasure from has got to be hard. I also admire your drive or motivation to continue to grow, develop, improve which has caused you to take a break from some thing enjoyable in order to create a better life... you know, you have just demonstrated for us all a quality that all successful people share; "delayed gratification" & "pruning" Thanks for being such a great example for us!