Thursday, July 14, 2011

after the flood

water is amazing.  beautiful.  powerful.  at times...uncontrollable.

recently i saw news reports of the floods in missouri and watched in awe as the water rose higher and higher and people were displaced from their homes at an alarming rate.  the thing about floods is that some times buildings that are affected are not torn down.  often times, walls and flooring can be replaced, walls are repaired, but the structures will still remain.  even after such a profound trauma they are still standing.  marked by the flood, but not destroyed.

isn't that true for us too?  how many of you have lived through horribly life changing events?  sickness, job loss, death, financial collapse?  waters rose in our own lives and left us forever changed.  marked by the flood...but at the end of the day our structure was still standing.  repair was necessary, and would take some time.  your story will always include the memory of the flood...but it will also tell the story of the restoration.

amazing, powerful, beautiful....uncontrollable.

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