Friday, April 2, 2010

so much, too much...or just enough?

there's so much to say. so much has happened in the past few months. so much is yet to happen. it's seems as though i've blinked and 3 months has gone by. it's true for sure...the speed at which the sossaman's move, is absolutely thrilling. ha! thrilling for sure.

recently, i've debated with myself the idea of putting this blog to rest for a bit. my intentions when i started have changed a lot from that time till now, but i must admit that i still enjoy putting my thoughts down on for my friends to read. i enjoy reading your take on the stuff that i journey through and that's the part that makes me want to continue...

so maybe i won't make a decision now. maybe i'll just commit to not pressure myself to write. maybe i'll just choose to be satisfied with taking what i can get...when i can get it. are my days and dreams of being a professional blogger over? don't know. :-) what i do know is that life is good...and sharon and i are happy. we love our family and all that it requires. we know it's not for everyone, but it's what we choose, every day. just like we choose each other...every day. and for now...i guess that's enough.

i hope you enjoy your easter weekend! it symbolizes, for those that choose to believe, a great God that gave up more then we can even fathom, just so we could be saved from ourselves and live with Him forever. because He love us...oh, how He loves us so much! not too much....but just enough. let's choose to live that love out to each other. are you with me? take care...

less of me.


FMN Design said...

I'm with you!

I love you guys and enjoy reading your thoughts when you have time to share. No pressure from those who have full lives and understand what it takes to find time to write. To sit for some time and just let the thoughts flow.

Happy Easter to you guys!!!

Carrie said...

Congrats Jeramy on the AMAZING news! God is Good!! My prayers are with you and your family, you are so very blessed!!

Nicholle said...

I will support you with either decision you make!

But do know that whenever you do find time to share, it inspires, encourages, uplifts and causes us to ponder!

Love you J!!!

Kimberlyn Totten said...

Totally with you J-man....I have learned to just take Gods leading on the blogging thing. God, Family, Living Life and blogging when the spirit moves. The pressure is off then it is enjoyable! But just so you know you are gifted in writting and always inspire. Thank you for that!Blessings to you and your beautiful bride and mini tribe...hahaha oh and babies inside! ; ) Take Care J-dog!

The Lady of the House... said...

It's no secret that I am not the same person I was when I started blogging...but, are any of us really?

I think that is the greatest part of putting pen to paper (or key to board); the ability to document our evolution and even learn from ourselves sometimes.

Family, work, home. These are the most important things in our lives. Personally, this snapshot into your life is sometimes all I get with a busy schedule. Share as long as you want and as openly as you will. I will keep reading :-)