Thursday, March 4, 2010

outlook....clear with sunny skies!

so i know i've been a super bad blogger. i can honestly say though that not a day has gone by that i haven't at least thought about my blogziness (blog laziness), but alas...i haven't been able to muster the will to get my thoughts down on

part of this has been due to illness. tis the season...right? :-) but it's not just me. in the past few months, either me, or sharon or one of our four little kiddlets have been ill at all times....sometimes at the same time. stinker!

we also got a new member to our family on christmas! that's right....sharon and i have been hard at work and....ok...just kidding...."santa" brought us a new puppy. she is super cute...but as fellow dog owners know...a new puppy is almost like having a new baby. a small detail that "santa" overlooked in her...uh, i mean....his romantic notions. but princess leia is firmly in place now as a sossaman. paddy and harley are so thankful!

another reason for my virtual un-hospitality is the dark cloud that's been residing on top of my house. it seems as though the rain has found a permanent target...and it's anywhere that i am. all of my belongings are soaked. my feet are super cold and no amount of toasty fire has been able to break the chill. the roof started to buckle a couple months back, and the landscaping is a wasteland of mud and yuck and all things uninviting that create more work every time you step foot in it. a never ending cycle of cleaning up mud off the floor. if i wore get the picture.

so obviously, this is a metaphor...but today, as i woke up at the crack of dawn...wiping the sleep from my eyes, ready to arm wrestle another day...i looked out the window on my way to the shower, and what did i see?

not a cloud in the sky.

the streets were still wet...but the storm had passed over. a beautiful sun shinny day! that's right....just for me. you can enjoy it if you'd like...but i know that it's a really a gift in a box with a bow and card...and my name is on the tag.

and to the giver i say, THANK YOU! i receive...

take care!


The Lady of the House... said...

I blame the weather for my lack of motivation - the nice weather was refreshing...I can only hope it invades the other parts of my so-called life. :-) Have a great day!

sarah said...


Kimberlyn Totten said...

Here's praying for more clear and sunny sky's for the Sossama Family! That picture is the verse too.