Tuesday, July 14, 2009

new music: a new leaf

so, the original intent of this blog was for me to have a space to record my song ideas and not forgot them. that's the worst! you have this killer idea...you hum it in the car all the way home from work and then you walk in the front door...and POOF! gone. it sucks! so, i thought...hey....start a blog....type the ideas in whenever you have them. so i did...do....well...at least sometimes. this song came from one of those times.

i wrote a blog post awhile back about the desire to make a difference. not to just cruise through life serving myself, but to live a life with purpose and conviction. read the original post...it says it better then i am right now.

any how. click here and listen. enjoy!


Carol Anne said...

I love both of these newest songs! (somehow I missed the update on yesterday's so I caught them both today)

Do you think you could send me the lyrics for this one? It is beautiful. We have a certain type of music that we always do during a Response Time in our worship service. I think this would be a great song for that. Would you mind?

By the way, check out your cell phone. Mine has a "memo record" option. That is the way I write songs in the car so I don't forget. :)

Thanks so much for sharing and I am so glad I stumbled onto you and your beautiful wife.

Nicholle said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this song!!! I can't wait for us to do this in church!!!

Great Job!!

Cheryl said...

Loving the new music! Can't wait to hear tomorrow's song :o)

The Lady of the House... said...

Wow...so good. I've been listening to your stuff for awhile now and I'm always in awe of how GREAT your music is. I always know it's from your heart. I can't wait to be your coffee gopher ;-) Thanks for sharing!

Sharon said...

You are spoiling us with the songs!