Monday, March 23, 2009


on saturday sharon and i celebrated our 11th wedding anniversary. wow! 11 years! doesn't that seem like a lot? i know that 11 isn't a big 10.....but it was special to us none the less. we opted to take our kids with us on our little celebration. i've got to admit that it was sharon's idea, but after i listened to what she was saying, i started to agree. i could try and explain it better then she did....but i would fall flat on my i'll just steal her words from her post today.... just felt right to take the kids with us. They love it! They love to hear "our story" somehow I think it makes them feel secure. I want them to know our story. It's the beginning of theirs...

doesn't that just about sum it all up? this reminded me of something that a friend of mine told me once....she said that the best thing you can do to make your kids feel secure in their lives, is to love your spouse.

now, i'm certainly not any kind of marital super hero...but one thing i have learned in the last few years is that above all else....that sharon is my friend. i constantly remind myself to see her that way. to remember and laugh when she jokes around with me...even when i'm stressed. to remind her that i think she is beautiful...even when she doesn't think she is. to hold on tightly to the fact that we are both children of god, and that he has chosen us to be together....and that he is the center of our relationship. it's a lot to remember sometimes in the midst of schedules, bills, and appointments. but she's worth it.

so, we went to breakfast at the place where we had our very first date. a cute, eclectic little spot in mill valley called 'mama's cafe'. it was so fun to be back there. we spent the rest of the afternoon driving along the beautiful (foggy/misty) california coast. it was the perfect way to spend our day....even with the occasional whining. :-)

so here's to 11....or 50 more! i love you baby! happy anniversary!

PS....i uploaded a couple new LOST video blog's today. enjoy!


drick said...

great post. good read.

Sue said...

Well I think you have this family life just about perfect! I like the way you include the kids in your special anniversary, very cool, you guys are a great family, and parents!

Sharon said...

Thanks hunny!

Matt Reoch said...

Congrats to both of you!