Friday, March 20, 2009

the light comes in the darkest hour

when the light has almost completely faded and you've begun to come up with alternative solutions for finding your way, that's the moment when everything that you never imagined could happen...that was happening, is suddenly sucked away with a power so strong and complete that in a blink of an eye you can no longer see any evidence of it's presence. the impending foes from all sides are gone. the monstrous faces that were beginning to make impressions in the walls around you are now flat...gone...where they ever really there? did i imagine the whole thing? how did this happen?

expect the unexpected. anticipate the impossible. assume the incredibly unlikely. we are so small...that we can not possibly know all that will come our way. but it's pointless to fear. it does nothing for us.

embrace today...and all it's joys and challenges. tomorrow will show up no matter how we deal with don't try and out maneuver it. there is new light coming...just wait.


Cheryl said...

love this! In the things of this life I have thought constantly that "God gives and He takes away" but was reminded this week that it doesn't end with 'He takes away'' but it ends with "He gives.." a new light coming!!!!

Pastor's Perspective said...

I can see a light that is coming for a heart that holds on! (I made that up. Came to me in a vision)

Jeramy Sossaman said...

good one steve-o

Mary Marantz said...

oooh LOVE this!!