Thursday, March 5, 2009

and suddenly...all is right in the world

yesterday was a glorious day! i'm so thankful for all of the birthday wishes via cards, texts, blog comments, e-mails, facebook, love, love! some time about 5 years or so...ago....that became my very favorite part of my birthday. all the messages. i absolutely love it! so, thank you all. you made my day!

also...we got our computer back yesterday...and it seems to be working like a champ! i am thrilled...but more then beautiful wife is thrilled. that's all that really counts. :-)

my job #1 boss took me and some friends out to lunch at one of my favorite places...IT IS...WITHOUT QUESTION the best thai place. ever! so, so good.

my job #2 boss got me some yummy treats that i ate during our staff meeting.

when i got home, sharon and the kidlets made me the biggest card i had ever seen. they also put together a bag full of goodies for me to enjoy last nights episode of LOST along with some extra stuff too. they picked each thing with care and thought...that was the best part! the muffin was apparently very passionate about a certain hat. she was bursting at the seems to give it to me. it was a great night.

after dinner and presents, we watched a little of our 'god's creation' dvd and the kids went to bed. sharon snuggled into the computer, i snuggled into LOST. it was glorious....i even wore my hat. :-) it was a great day all around!

so, my good friend tells me that blog posts are always better with here goes! have a great day...and thanks again everybody!


Pastor's Perspective said...

Nachos AND Loon?! The Breakfast of Champions! (Yes, that WAS a cry for help)

Lisa said...

I'm glad you had a great day! You deserve it!

Monika said...

Looks like you had a fabulous b-day!! I especially love the HAT!!!!

Sharon said...

Yeah! The kids woke up talking about your birthday! They were so sweet and thoughtful! Jane even told someone this morning about your hat! And Brady and Mary Rose were talking about how that was the biggest card you ever got! They thought that was pretty cool. They want to do an even bigger card next year! When your 80 they will have to hire a skywriter!

Mary Marantz said...

ahhh happy belated birthday!!!