Saturday, February 21, 2009

extra money at just the wrong time

doesn't it always seem that way? maybe not. come to think of never seems that way. well, except for today. we just got our tax return in our account last week which is my favorite time of year sans st. patricks day...sharon and i had made a plan for what we were going to do with our extra cash...and no sooner did the thought bubble of glee hover over our heads...did our computer start randomly shutting off. not a good thing when you spend most of every day on it. i don't want to buy a new computer with our tax return! i want to build a deck in the back yard. i do! :-( so, i just got off the phone with apple tech support and they assured me that they can fix the problem if i just bring in my computer to our local apple store. good news is that we bought the apple care extended warranty when we bought our computer and all the repairs will be completely free to us. so, as i write this i realize that this technological inconvenience probably won't affect my back yard plans at all. ahhh....deep breath. (sigh). enjoy the rest of your weekend! see you soon.

less of me...


Nicholle said...

Yay!! Apple has THE best customer service! Love it!!

Christine said...

You know, I'm sitting here listening to John Hagee on tv waiting to go to church. Hagee is talking about faith and how God provides...look at the birds, etc. I decide to check my e-mail and there's your message stating how God has provided you not only with a way to fix your computer BUT a way to build your deck. You are blessed! Praise God and happy building to you!!