Thursday, January 8, 2009

which one are you?

are you the type that constantly needs to watch a new movie? when you're done for the day and you're sitting down with a glass of wine and going to vedge out in front of the tv for an hour or so....that's what i'm talking about. do you constantly rent new movies...or do netflix....or what? you have a tried and true catalog of dvds that you can always go back to in a pinch? maybe occasionally adding the the storehouse?

which one are you?

i'm the latter. i hate to admit it....but i am. i do love new movies...i do. but seriously....i can watch LOTR over and over and over again. i can see 'meet the parent's' several times a month (i did last night) and still the very same scenes. i love it.

karate kid
pirates of the carribean (all of them)
star wars
indiana jones (complete)
LOTR (extended edition...if you can believe that....WITH appendices)
meet the parents
meet the fockers

you get the picture.'re turn


Sharon said...

Sense and Sensibility
While You Were Sleeping

Nicholle said...

I have so many that I watch over and over...

Cutting Edge
Girls Just Want to Have Fun
Sleepless in Seattle
Pretty Woman
Erin Brokevich
Knoting Hill
Two Weeks Notice
Lake House
Maid in Manhatten
Wedding Planner

That's a lot!!

Sharon said...

Picky... I got two words for you!

Toe Pick!

Cheryl said...

um...I watched some t.v. last night... does that answer your question?

Sorry...just not a big fan of t.v. or movies...I would much rather play a game, visit, or stalk people on facebook (usually because everyone else is watching a stupid movie or vegging out at the t.v.!)

Monika said...

I'm neither of your two options. If I turn on the tv I'll channel hop... movies are taking too much time, I rather chat online these days :-).

wendyz said...

I only own a couple non-kid videos, one being The Holiday with Cameron Diaz-LOVE IT!!!-watch it about once every six months. In fact, tonight is the night. A total feel good movie!

Carrie Hasson said...

I typically hate watching movies more than once. Though there are just a few I can watch over and over again...
Splendor in the Grass
Pretty in Pink
We're a netflix family, only because I used to pay way too much in late fees! 2 arrived yesterday, Mamma Mia and The Fountainhead. Wonder how long it'll take 'till we actually watch them!