Tuesday, December 9, 2008

it's here....go get it today


so, for those of you who love tyrone....you know who you are. his new album dropped today on itunes! i first heard about tyrone earlier this year. since then, i can certainly say that i've become a super fan. i've downloaded my copy already and let me tell you....it rocks....no joke! with a capitol R!

so get it now! if you're anti-itunes....i don't want to hear about it...but if you are...then you can wait until january 27th and buy a 'normal' cd at a 'normal' music store...or target or whatever.

ok, that's it....have a great day!


Chelle said...

Why am I the only one to comment here. Have I told you that I love Tyrone??? I'm not sure if we've had this conversation?

Jeramy Sossaman said...

michelle...i was wondering the EXACT same thing. clearly, there's the ones with taste...and the ones without....i'm just saying.

Chelle said...

For sure. He feels even more special now. Like a secret treasure hidden deep in my pocket.