Monday, November 10, 2008

help me out of my box

sometimes we get stuck in a box.

jeramy is a singer
sharon is a photographer
steve is a pastor
michelle is a homeschooler
jared is a bass player
brad is a plumber
sierra is a student
derrick is a newlywed
dave is a baseball fan
nicky is a graphic designer

i don't think....heck, i know that we aren't so one dimensional. we all have talents and passions that sit in the background. some are public, some are not. if they're not...change that. put yourself out there. make sure that your friends and family and co-workers know all of who you are and what you are. sharing and relating in community is a good thing. it's a benefit to everyone. maybe this will be the beginning of a new chapter for you...maybe. take care...have a great week!

i hope to see you on friday!


Chelle said...

Well..... I know one thing for sure.... it's a new chapter for US... ME and YOU!! "Michelle is a homeschooler"?!?!??!! It's not that I'm offended by that. I AM a homeschooler. And proud of it! But is that what comes to mind when you think of me??? How about.... Michelle is fabulous, Michelle is hilarious, Michelle is a good friend, Michelle is dependable..... shall I go on????

Chelle said...

By the way.... I'm TOTALLY kidding! Were you scared???

LOVED this post! It's got me thinkin'! Thanks!

Jeramy Sossaman said...

Wow. I was scared! Thanks for leaving the 2nd comment. I almost drove to the bridge.

Jeramy Sossaman said...

Oh, and I stand corrected....michelle fabulous. Boy, am i a push over.

Chelle said...

WOW! Now I really do feel important! You NEVER comment on your own blog!!! Thanks friend! You can save the drive to the bridge for another day.

Wow - I'm on it today.

Gena said...

Since Michelle is obviously not taking this blog seriously, I will add a comment.

Sometimes I have had the exact opposite problem. The more I try to get out of the box the more people around me have tried to stick me back in it. No matter what I tried to do everyone would always say you should SING. I know God has blessed me with a voice and I have tried to use it for His glory, but there is so much more to Gena than that. All of my other gifts and talents seemed to get shoved under the rug. I don't think I have ever truly reached my full potential but I'm not dead yet and I'm still trying. Great Blog Jeremy!

james said...

or maybe Michelle is obnoxious???...just a thought.

More of ME

Natalie said...

WOW! J doesn't EVER comment on his own blog! He was SCARED!!! HA! HA! HA!
Gena, atleast people think of something cool that is associated with you... I really cannot think of anything except, "Natalie with all the kids?"

Clint Ceralde said...

awesome! jeramy is also a guitar player, a drummer, a husband, a dad, a friend, and a ___________ (fill in the blank with something we all don't know yet!)