Tuesday, November 11, 2008

slave free

the momentum is still growing. the call+response documentary is still making waves of change all over the country. just last week, craigslist took a huge step. it's really amazing. together we can do something significant to help eliminate slavery in our lifetime. continue to support the movie...and....i've got something new for you. let's make a statement to manufactures of products that we like, that it's not an option to employ slave labor for manufacturing. here's what you can do. print this. then put it next to your favorite product...shoe's, jeans, phone, computer, whatever....take a picture, then upload your photo here. that's it. let's stand together for real change. be the response.


Chelle said...

Cool! I'm on board!

Amanda Mays said...

Yeeah! I started taging pictures before my computer decided to break up with me! I only have a couple done and wanted to do a few more before I sent them in. FUN!

Are you on betheresponse.com? I just sent you a request so we can be friends =)

james said...

help me out I need more info???