Wednesday, October 8, 2008

surf report: pleasure point

hey report. complete with pics this time! well...first off it was beautiful today! not a cloud in the sky. gorgeous! cowell's beach wasn't happening so we headed to pleasure point. went down the cliff and hopped in the water....wait a minute...let me back up....this is how we look at 5:00 am when we start.

I know...scary huh? that's bob. i've known him since i was oh....about 4 years old. pretty amazing story. anyhow....we stopped at cowell's beach first (my favorite easy spot), but nothing was happening....take a surfers in the water....that means....don't surf.

so, we headed down to pleasure point...there was surf there....and we got suited up and got in.

surf was good. not to big. not to small. just right. i caught one good one...but got tired pretty quick. i missed our last surf trip and i definitely felt it today. it's amazing how you loose endurance if you don't stick with it. but, it was still super cool. by the time i got out, i was ready for breakfast at our favorite burrito place.

no kidding...'chill out' is the best. and they have all the pico pica you could ever want! after we got our burrito's, we headed back to watch the surf....not a bad way to end the morning.

oh...this is brad...he's a little shy....thanks brad for a great morning!


Natalie said...

I have to be honest... I am a little bit jealous... Yep. What a FANTASTIC thing to look foward to on Wednesday mornings! I would like to know every Tuesday night that "Ooh tomorrow is surfing Wednesday! YES!"
Your so blessed to have something like that to look forward to in the middle of the work week.
I'm just sayin...

Thanks for the photos! Great shots!

Sharon said...

We need to get you a real camera... Although these are super cool and they are just from your camera!

I'm so glad you get to surf and have a fun hobby that you love! And not to mention that you get some great time with super cool dudes!

Be safe!

Carrie Hasson said...

cool photos Jeramy, definitely sounds like you started your day right. surfing, appreciating God's blue waters, and breakfast burritos...