Friday, October 10, 2008

did you know?

so...i was reading a post on a friends blog about the upcoming presidential election and commented that i didn't really feel represented by either candidate. i really believe that both the main party's are essentially a vote for the same system...which is clearly in need of some revamping. i think that the only interests that are really being considered by the red or the blue are simply their own. i know that others disagree. and i'm cool with that. but this is my blog...and thus my opinion. feel free to leave yours in the comment section below.

so that got me motivated this morning to do a little research....and you know what i found out....there are other people then obama and mccain running for president. did you know that? again...probably the more astute political minds that read this blog (all two of you) were already hip to this. but this was news to me.

i'm a fan of thinking for yourself. making your own choice, despite what your friends or family or SNL or fox news have to say. so, i'd encourage you to check it out for some research...make a choice...and cast your vote.

this is jeramy sossaman...and i approve this message!

take care...have a great weekend! less of me...


Carrie Hasson said...

aww thanks for the link Jeramy!
yea, i have to admit i wish i had another 3rd choice that actually had a shot at winning, but that's not how our political system works. i think i just wish we could have
a) as many Presidential debates as we had when they were running to represent their party...what's up with that?! we had one practically every week during the Primaries and now that we actually have to vote for our next President we only have 3!
b) what i want and what i think a lot of people want is a candidate who stands up and takes the LEAD. who has solutions for what is going on today, not the same stump speeches I've been hearing over the past year!
c) I wish the candidates would stop focusing on each other and start focusing on the people they want to represent. Ahh what a concept!
So much more, but I need to bite my tongue while I'm ahead! Great post!

Carrie Hasson said...

hmm, so one comment huh? what do you make of that? are people sick of politcs already? or have they just been convinced talking politics is always a dealbreaker and are keepin' their opinions to themselves?

Jeramy Sossaman said...

i know....i was wondering the same thing....