Friday, February 29, 2008

Catching up....

well....i've noticed that I've fallen into that which I despise. I am a blog owner that does not blog. Ouch! I can't believe I said it out loud. The last post I wrote was in November. Well, here's some updates since then...and some new stuff coming up soon...

I did play at another church in Davis in Jan. of 08.
Sharon and I had our 4th child on Jan. 24.
I have a new favorite show...well....2nd favorite.
My folks came to visit to meet Maggie.
We went to the headlands.
Sharon's iPhone got stolen. SUCKS!
We went and saw Tim Hughes.
I bought a new microphone for me. Can't believe it!
We refinanced our house
I'm turning 31 next Tues.
Sharon and I are celebrating our 10th wedding anniversery
We're going to the beach house soon!
We're having a "home show" on April 30th. that enough? Seriously, life is moving fast now. Faster then before. We enjoy the pace....but it doesn't leave a lot of room for being sick. Which we've all been in the new year.

So...I promise, I'll be better about blogs. Really. From now on....thanks.

See ya

Jeramy Sossaman


SpongeMom said...

At least you're just a few months behind. It will take me YEARS to take "catch up!" Where does the time go?

Lost! I know why they call it that because that's what I am every time I try to watch it! Charlie's the Lost fan at our house.
I LOVE Jon and Kate Plus Eight too!!


Jared said...

I will be at your house show. And you can't stop me.

Anonymous said...

Hello J-Man & Fam! I'm "LOST" with the show. I've had it explained to me a couple of times, but I still can't follow it. Sorry...I'm stuck with Project Runway, American Idol and the NBA for night time TV.

Hope y'all are getting healthy! See ya Sunday!


Nicholle said...

Stolen! WHAT?!?! I am crying!!!

I gave up on Lost. When the whole thing is done I am going to rent all seasons and have a lost party 3 weekends in a row. I will know how it ends and what the island really is!!

Home show? I'll walk to your house from the marina cause there may not be parking! Fun Fun!!!

Katrina said...

How did I just now find out you have a blog? Wow, congrats on your new addition. What a cutie! :-)

Anonymous said...

I thought about having a blog just to stay in touch with a lot of people at once. But since I only check my e-mails once a week, imagine what would happen with a blog. I'd be one of those people that never updates for sure!

Bummer about the phone.