Sunday, November 18, 2007


Today I was in Tracy CA leading worship at a Calvary Chapel church for my good friend, Kim Krenik. Kim is an outstanding songwriter and has had quite a bit of success as an independent artist. We met long ago through my friend Jackson. Long story....any how. Kim's husband Rob, is the pastor of the church and they don't have a regular worship they bring in guests from time to time. That's where I came in. Brady came with me again, and again we had to get up SUPER early. We had to be in Tracy at 8:00 am and it was about an hour and a half away from our do the math. It adds up to an hour that no one should be awake at. So...we made it down pretty easily. When we got there, I met the sound crew and the band and got all set up. The service went really well, and we even sold some cd's which was an added bonus. But, I think the thing that was the coolest was getting to listen to my son talk to me all the way there, and back.....about anything and everything. Brady is so smart, so articulate....he's got so many neat ideas and is turning into a little person. It's so easy to remember the day he was born, and now we have conversations like two people....not a little kid and an adult. Maybe it's a little simplistic, but it really made my day. We stopped by Safeway in Dublin and continued our "road tradition" of a Lunchable for him and a deli sandwich for me. A long, but great day. Sometimes, the best thing in life is the journey, not the destination. I hope you guys have a fantastic thanksgiving. Talk to you soon.



Nicholle said...

How cool! Thanks for sharing your special moments with us!!

You have such an amazing family!!

Spongemom said...

Treasure these moments with your son. The memories you make now will be so important in the future. As parents we need them to lovingly look back on as our children grow away from us. And we can only hope that our children will remember those special times and how much we love them when they are away from us. If there is anything I did right with my children it is that they KNOW I love them and I always find comfort in that when we are apart.

Luv ya

Grammy said...

Hi Jeramy, As I read these words I remember back to you and me in the car, drum lessons and Mace Blvd. It is one of my treasured moments too! The details of life are what write your story, cherish the details and your son,I agree, he is soooo special!Love You

Summiesmile said...

I do totally agree with you...(okay the blog was good too, but...)I do have to also say that the "journey" is where memories are made, the "untold stories". Sometimes we are sooo focused on the destination that we do not enjoy the journey. Glad you created lifelong lasting ones on that journey! They do grow way fast!!! Trust me! :(
Love & Miss Ya'll!