Saturday, October 20, 2007


Hey all....
So, I was in Davis last night playing for a First Baptis Church and their Fall Festival. I think it was initially intended to be outside....but got pushed inside as the weather got funky. There were quite a few people there, and when I walked in the folks that brought me in kind of showed me around and where I'd be playing. So, I pretty much just set up and then started playing. I got this gig, because my good friends Frank and Jessica Kemp (Frank T's BBQ) hooked me up. First off....the Kemp's are about the best people in the world....not to mention the best BBQers in the world...AND they were cooking for the event, so you know I was there. The guy that booked me had told me that I could play some covers if I wanted, so I chose a few songs that I really like, but rarely get a chance to play....So, here's the set list....

Catching the Sun
It's Never too late
Chained to Change (Mike Gibbons) if you don't know've got to check him out....local....outstanding songwriter....
You see me through
Arms of my Father
A Million Miles Away (The Plimsouls) still the greatest power pop band of all time
Weary One
You are good to me
I Shall Believe (Sheryl Crow) used to play this one a lot but haven't in awhile.....i really love this song
All of my Heart

They had the PA down super low...and people were chit chatting and eating to the whole I was kind of a glorified boom box....but a lot cuter....RIGHT??? :-) But it was a neat experience. My good friends the Kleemans came down to see me in addition to my whole Sossaman out good friend Lauren. Mary Rose had the goofiest glasses on while I was was all I could do not to break up laughing. I was really just in my own little world...playing my songs....and enjoying watching people. I'm not sure if anyone liked it....but you never know. So, that's it....I'll be in Tracy, CA in Nov. Check for details. I'll talk to you soon.

See ya.



Nicholle said...

You are much better looking then a boom box...

I am so bummed I missed it!!

What is the date in November? said...

J... aka Songboy!

Jeramy, I wish I would have went to see you I could have been one more of your groupiees...I am a transplanted Texan and I have not had any good BBQ since I have been here in CA, I really would like to fine some and since you have mention this Frank T's, when there next gig is and if your going to be the boom box which would be better,I would like to check out your claim of the best BBQ first hand. Marshall aka BBQ lover...

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Chained to Change.... do you guys want to take a trip up here in May? I'm flying Mike up here for Bri's birthday... on the real, yo!