Monday, September 24, 2007

Elk Grove

What a great weekend! We arrived in Elk Grove at 7:00am for our 2nd Awana's Conference.....SO EARLY....but it was great. Everyone was super nice to us. I was really excited because I had the whole band with me this time. After sound check we got rolling around 8:30am. I think there were around 1000 people at the conference, which was the biggest gathering I had ever lead before. It was really cool to hear everyone singing together.....people from different places, coming together for one purpose. It was an honor to be a part of it. On Sunday, it was also my first week back leading at FCC after about 6 weeks off. It was so great to be home....God was definitely with us. I love my church!

For those of you in the Davis area, and the Tracy area, I've got a couple of events coming up soon that I'll be at. You can get more details on my site.

I hope you're all doing well. See you soon.

OH...also....we just found out this morning that we're having a little girl! YIPEE!!!



Sharon said...

You are so bad!

Sue said...

Congratulations on your baby girl! Poor Brady is so out numbered. Guess you will have to try again for another boy for him. I bet he is really excited. I like your new site

U know who this is!!! said...

First of all, Sharons blog is cooler because she has the most unbelievable photos of an ultrasound that Ive ever seen! 2nd, I did get your message today and I dont buy it... I AM GONNA BOO YOU & IM GONNA BRING A SHIELD IN CASE YOUR GUITAR COMES FLYING MY WAY!!! You better just get there early MR. and hope I told get the crowd all wound up to boo you too!!! J/K!!!!...........I forgive you.... I cannot wait to meet MAGGIE-PIE!!! OMG!!! Thats it!!! Thats my NEW NICKNAME FOR MAGGIE!!! Janie is *MUFFIN* and Maggie will be *MAGGIE-PIE*!!! Ohh and Im just getting started... Im such a creative vessel!! LOL!!!


JERAMY SEING PINK . COOL COOL COOL AND CONGRADS. hey this past saturday you were number 5 in the ten at ten. now i hope jeramy sossaman listeners will tune in some saturday night and e-mail me and take CATCHING THE SUN to number 1.

Sharon said...

Hush your mouth Sue!

Sue said...

Sharon your too funny, I expected that from Jeramy! LOL