Saturday, March 24, 2007


Seriously....thank you all so much for coming out last night. What a wonderful night! So much more then I could have ever imagined. There were so many special people there last night. More importantly was God's anthem that was floating up in the room from His people. How awesome! Truly a wonderful way to celebrate the release of this new record. Thank you.

So my good friends, Steve Joh, Kevin Marks, Jared Milos and Bobby Schneider of East of Western fame were backing me up last night and they sounded great! It was so fun to play with these guys....I really hope we get to do it again.

Sharon and I were talking last night and just expressing how this project was over now and how it felt a little sad. But now....a new chapter, which is always fun!

So now, we're off to our "happy place" for some much needed R&R. Thanks again for coming out and supporting me, singing loud and joining me in worship to a great big God. He is good....all the time!

Take care and God bless.



Adam said...

Lol... You signed cds... And the rhodes... Nice... Glad to hear things went well!

Lauren said...

It was so awesome!!! My favorite part of the night, besides your entire performance of course which was fantastic, was seeing the very small number of CDs left on the table and having that thick wad of cash in my pocket - surprisingly enough I really enjoyed handing it over to you! Thanks for letting me be a part of your big night! Ok, before I start crying I'm going to sign out...

Roz said...

Jeramy, this CD is AWESOME!
You have really outdone yourself!
Your talent has not only blessed me, but the whole FCC family as well.
The track entitled "Now is the Time" and "Arms of my Father" were instant favorites from the first time you played them at FCC.

The song "You See Me Through" has ministered to me so much, I thought you wrote it just for me. :) That's the way terrific worship songs are, they can be applied to our lives as if they were written "just for me."
(I really want to add that I thought Heather did a terrific job harmonizing as backup on the CD as well. Her voice is such a nice compliment.)

But this "Review" is just in ----
Yes--- It is from one of "God's Own Music Professionals" --

While those of us who regularly attend FCC may have become spoiled by the quality of your worship music, when I got home from your release on Friday night, I just HAD to put the CD in our stereo and turn it up!
Then the unexpected happened!
My bird, "Sweetie Pie", went NUTS!!
Have you ever seen a Cockatiel sing, tweet and whistle, while hanging upside down on a perch?!!!
I have had the bird for over 5 years and he has NEVER displayed such a reaction. ( By the way, he HAS heard Matt Redmond, and even Matt didn't get as big as a response as you!)
Apparently, gauging from the reaction, Sweetie Pie the bird just loves the track "Gracious God."
He sings his little heart out, right along with you! The bird sang so loud, I kept turning up the music, and the louder the music became, the louder the bird sang! We constantly listen to worship music here at home, KLOVE, Matt Redmond, Chris Tomlin, the PASSION CD, Skillet, Kutless, etc a wide variety of hymns and contemporary christian music. Given the fact that the music is always on, and the bird is one of God's own "music professionals" it was such a striking response. The bird has NEVER sang like that before! Your music made even the bird sing!

Personally, there are many songs on your CD that I have enjoyed I have to admit that I have been playing it non-stop.
Today was such a beautiful day, I opened up the sun roof on the BMW, and cranked up "Catching the Sun" -the surfer beat on that track is ROCKIN'! ( The cars next to me seemed to be enjoying it too!)

Can't tell you how amazing this CD is!
I had a visitor ( a realtor) come by my home yesterday, your CD was playin' in the stereo, and she wants a copy. When I told her that was the music played at my church, she couldn't believe it! She took down the name of our church so she can bring her teenage boys to hear you, she said they would love your music. (Of course!)

Gosh, we have a great time worshippin' the Lord together.
You have an amazing gift my friend.
I pray the Lord blesses you, and your family tremendously.

Your musical gift puts a song in my heart and " a tap in my toe."

Another update, I need more copies of this CD!
My son's Godfather called from Delaware this afternoon when the CD was playing when the phone rang, and he heard it and HE wants a copy!

One sad note, Allie was disappointed that the song "Marvelous Light" wasn't on the CD, she says that her favorite song. Do you have that on another CD we can get??

I pray we will be seeing you playing at Spirit West Coast someday soon! You have a gift the world needs to hear. I am so honored to be able to say "Jeramy is my worship leader." Praise God!