Friday, December 29, 2006

Recording: Day 4

Hey there....
We’re on the down hill y’all (that’s for you Lauren). Yippee!!! Masaki and I spent most of the day doing guitar parts. I did some piano parts....and then spent the afternoon doing the beginning of vocal tracks (still kind of stuffed up....thank the Lord for Pro-Tools and Auto-Tune). I’ve still got a lot left to track tomorrow, PLUS a couple of special guests are coming by. Should be fun....actually this whole week...this whole opportunity has been a blast. Not only have I gotten to record these songs that mean so much to me, but I’ve gotten to take my kids to school every day and see my wife in the’s been a fabulous week. I usually get up pretty early to go to work....before everyone else wakes, getting up with the rest of the family and starting to record around 10:00am has been amazing! Sorry to run off on a bunny trail., big things tomorrow....I’ll talk to you guys later. Thanks so much for your support and great comments. Take care.


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