Monday, March 28, 2011

I can't stop

who are you? do you know? I want you to really think about that. who are you?

if you can answer that question right now then you are in a better place then I am. I know what my job is and I know what I do every day...but is that who I am?

I'm at my happy place with my fam for the next week or so and the ease of my days right now make it simple to reflect on such lofty subjects. I'm sitting on my balcony listening to the rhythm of the waves on the beach and while I notice that they never stop I can't help but wonder if we are the same way? do we have a specific purpose like the waves? and could we even stop if we were completely immersed in our true calling? would we even want to?

the stars are so bright...and the wind is cool. do we know where we should be? search yourself enough to get even a tiny glimpse. free yourself enough to consider the possibilities.


Kimmi said...

Great post J! Really making me think...

sarah shatkin duggan said...

I have asked myself that question through the years and the answer shifts a bit but is centered around the same premise. It is sometimes interesting to ask that question to someone else. If you can find someone who is balanced in their opinion of you; have seen you in distress and in anger and in joy and in love, they will be able to shine some light on who you are and you can see yourself not in a mirror, but in other people's hearts. Who you are depends on what you have given away.