Wednesday, March 23, 2011

how's the view from the microscope?

criticism is an interesting thing. it's subjective. it's one sided. it can often be wrong and sometimes it can even be dead on. it's all a matter of perspective, isn't it?

some people offer criticism once and awhile...and certain folks are critics of anything they come in contact with. i guess my question is, when do you think criticism is warranted or appropriate...or even necessary?

recently a friend of mine was commissioned to create and release some art on a national level. i'm talking a big release, tv interviews, best seller lists, promotional tour, the whole nine yards. pretty exciting stuff! while i was watching the proverbial sales comet race through the sky, i noticed that there was a small (but vocal) virtual club of industry insiders taking some pretty mean shots at this art. my initial reaction was to look up the most scathing words i could find in the dictionary and write the greatest tongue lashing ever generated from human fingers tips in defense of my friend. but as i thought more, i realized that unleashing my retaliatory manifesto on these "incredibly enlightened individuals" (that's sarcasm) would in the short term make me feel better...but in the long term only give more power to their words.

the fact is that some people enjoy criticizing. they do. truth be told...maybe we all do in one way or another. but i realized that anyone can have a blog (right?)...after all they are free! but simply writing down words doesn't make them true anymore then me standing in a garage makes me a car.

so if you are dodging some verbal bullets right now in your own life...don't fret. the same reasons and inspiration that started you on your journey are still there. pay no head to the haters. they'll find someone else to criticize soon.

enjoy your day!


Sarah Duggan said...

Mercy and Criticism are enemies...

Jeramy Sossaman said...

no joke.