Tuesday, February 1, 2011

the light is left on

how do you feel when someone waits for you? let me speak clearer. how do you feel when you are feeling insecure, maybe in an unfamiliar place and all of a sudden out of the blue you see a familiar face. someone to anchor your almost seaworthy vessel in a turbulent ocean of relational interaction. isn't that the best!

I recently found myself alone. longing for a friend in the midst of an uncomfortable out of place moment. I looked left...and right...and left again, but there was no one there to bail me out. no one to anchor to. I thought about leaving...actually i almost left, but then I realized that if I left I would just be robbing myself out of whatever moment I was about to walk out of...any why would I do that?

I'm here to tell you that you ARE capable. you ARE strong enough to do this on your own. I'm not sure if that resonates with you or not...but I think it might. it does for me.

I hope you're well. take care...

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Jaycee said...

I am printing this out!