Tuesday, January 4, 2011


i don't do well with lists. they don't motivate or inspire me to do ANYTHING. i do however go through periods of motivation and inspiration....perspiration...ALL THE TIME...but you didn't want to know that, did you?

recently my pastor challenged me to write a new song for a particular event at our church. the theme needed to surround the concept of GO. going, looking outward, reaching out to the hurt and the broken. i dig it...i really do....but in church land, there were/are already so many great songs that talk about this. how in the world could i possibly do anything better? i'm not sure that i did...but i rose to the challenge nun the less. you can download FOR FREE a demo of that new song "the greatest gift of all" right here.

but this challenge ignited in me the question...if songwriting is how i express myself, then why don't i write more songs? is it that i don't have anything to say? no. is it that i don't like writing songs anymore? no. is it that my life is absent of experiences? heck no. then what is it?

i could say i'm busy. i could say i'm lazy. but no matter how well i argued, the fact would remain that i can honestly make time for anything that i choose to. example...no matter how late i am getting to work...if sharon leaned over in bed and gave me THAT LOOK (you know what look i'm talking about)...i would make time. can i get an amen?

so that's what i'm doing in 2011. i'm going to write one song every month. and not just write it...but record a demo of it and release it to the world...and all of you. i'm warning you...some of these songs may be really bad. but i really do believe that if i exercise that songwriting muscle, that it will get stronger. and at the end of 2011...maybe i'll have a good song or two...maybe three. we'll see.

i'd really challenge you to take a look at who you are this week and make a choice to use your gift better this year. let's meet up at the end and see how it worked. cool? cool!

have a great day! less of me...


Shan said...

Good one! What a treat for the rest of us!! My new years resolution??? To enjoy one new song by Jeramy Sossaman every month this year. Don't disappoint. You have a following! How exciting!!

sarah shatkin duggan said...

way to make a writer feel guilty:)