Friday, January 7, 2011

c'mon baby light my fire

so a month or so back...right after my famed back yard renovation, i built myself a fire pit. i'm not kidding. a real stone, tree stump sitting, hot dog roasting, burning wood and making smores fire pit. who doesn't just LOVE that idea? in fact, it's recently come to my attention that in the last few weeks since i made it, that MANY of my friends have become inspired enough to make their very own fire pits in their very own back yards. i'm considering call mr. home depot and mrs. lowes to ask them for a kick back for all the stone i've helped them sell. but to give credit where credit is due...i stole the idea from my friend jason any ways. i digress.

as i perused through my phone last night to weed out pictures (i do that often. once i've tweeted a pic or put it up on facebook i delete it. i figure why should i also store it on my phone? this bothers sharon to no end.) i noticed that i had a ton of fire pit pictures. what is so hypnotizing about watching wood burn? huh? well, whatever it is...if you're trying to call me and i'm not can probably guess where i am. that's right!

so any how, i figure i'd officially introduce you to my fire pit "betsy".

gotcha! did you really think i'd name my fire pit. c'mon. :-) are the pics. enjoy! maybe someday soon, you too will get to experience my fire pit up close and personal. but i warn you...dress cool...because it's hot!


Jody Williamson said...


Nicky said...

Your friend Jason MRAZ??? Too funny!

I need chocolate bars and graham crackers next time!!!

Love all the pictures!

Sharon said...

I love our fire pit! Thank you for building it with your bear hands!!! You are the BEST fire pit builder EVER!!!

sarah shatkin duggan said...

Not quite Sharon, but a close second:)

Jeramy Sossaman said...

yes, nicky....i am friends with jason my mind. and that's good enough for me.