Tuesday, January 18, 2011

are you an artist?

i've got to admit, that word has always intimidated me a bit. even when i was dreaming and working at being a rock star, i don't think i would have ever called myself an artist. i felt like an entertainer. i filled a hole. a space. but an artist...well, that's quite a bit higher on the ladder of creativity. artist paint, or compose musical masterpiece or write inspirational books. they certainly don't write dumb pop songs. for sure.

mostly through the inspiration of my beautiful wife, i've begun to reconsider my place in the creative world in the last few years. i've come to realize that i do have gifts. talents. stuff that not everyone can do. and even though i don't rise to the same level as those that i would consider artists, i believe that i would still get a ticket to the award show, none the less.

yesterday, a friend of mine filmed an interview with me for a video he is putting together on creativity. he was filming a photographer (a cute one), a cook, a painter, and i guess i rounded off the musician quota. as i sat there by my fire pit answering his questions, thinking about what inspires me, i realized that the largest part of creativity is just being observant to the life that's going on around you. life that happens with or with out you. so, really...an artist is just a commentator on life...right?

the ability to offer that commentary though in a way that people will actually want to watch or taste or listen is what is really special. not everyone can do that. it starts off as raw talent...but it's definitely a muscle that needs to be exercised.

now, that i'm getting older....side note...how old do you have to be when you start saying things like "now, that i'm getting older"? perhaps that's another blog post. back to my point...as i'm getting older, i've began to really appreciate the arts more and it's role in culture. that appreciation has pushed me to continue to create...even if i don't feel like it or really have the time for it. because i really believe that a world without art and creativity is a world that's not worth living in.

so my encouragement to you is to continue to create. whatever it is. if you once played an instrument but now it does nothing more then collect dust. dust it off and learn the joy of music again. if you used to write, but kids and life and responsibility tell you that you don't have time. buy a beautiful new journal and schedule (that part is important) time to write in it regularly. painting, sculpture, photography, poetry, drama, songwriting. do it! don't listen to the reasons why you shouldn't...only pay attention to the reasons you should.


Kimberlyn Totten said...

I'm finally reading the "Artists Way"...this is right where I'm at...I am "at the age" that I see and want to claim the ARTIST that I am! I'm doing the morning pages free writings and back to painting. Photography is feeling a bit stifling still...but I have at least wiped the dust off for now!

-with much hugs, Summie- said...

Jeramy I love this! Did you pick into my brain last night? How funny that I was just asking myself this question as I created a new FB page for my photography! Is it a business or am I an artist?
Because I read this, I am confirmed to committing to dusting off my piano and start playing again, letting my creative juice flow with my pen and journal, photograph this year with heart and passion...thank you for inspiring me to continue seeking God in everything I do and all for His Glory!
Love you!