Tuesday, November 2, 2010

SF GIANTS win the world series!

many of you don't realize that underneath my finely tuned physique is the body of a baseball player.....no really! :-) actually i did play ball for about 10 years when i was a kid. t-ball through babe-ruth, which in our town was right before high school ball. i played first base and will clark was my hero. it was back in those humble beginnings that i (like so many other kids) would dream of playing in the big leagues. dream of taking the field to the cheers of thousands. hitting the game winning home run. making the big play to end the game. i still get nostalgic when i think about it.

last night as i watched the giants win their first world series title since 1954, i have to admit, i got a little choked up. and even though will clark spends his days now working for the giants in a suit instead of a jersey, this incredible accomplishment still brings me back to the smell of dirt and grass and leather and the feel of the bat right after you made contact with the ball. it's amazing!

so to the 40 players, 7 coaches and countless other staff in the front office at willie mays plaza i say a huge congratulations from this giants fan. soak it in. see you next season.

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Sharon said...

I still get all misty eyes thinking about it!!! YEAH!!!!