Friday, October 29, 2010

"that's what i said!!!!"

hey everybody...
wow, i'm such a bad blogger this week! right? i'm so sorry...i get on such a roll at time and then POOF! gone. nothing. i'm sure my blogging inconsistencies are why i'll never ever reach perez hilton or merakoh status...seriously!

i wanted to talk about communication today. it seems that communication is some how become the axis on which our world spins. not just the obvious garble of gadgets, iphones, ipads, blackberry's, OG email, texting, facebook, twitter (i do have a love affair with twitter AND i'm constantly looking for that next great twitter app for my iphone) and the like...but also, our society is so incredibly focused on the art of communication. making sure everyone understands and no ones feelings are hurt. we value good communication in a major way.

now, i like to fancy myself as a good communicator. some may disagree, but this is my blog and i say, i'm a good communicator. GOT IT! :-) in my regular day, i'm juggling multiple projects between multiple businesses all the time. i NEED a vacation...can i get an amen! because of all of this entrepreneurial plate spinning, you can imagine that i need to be pretty good at clearly expressing thoughts an ideas so that can move from my brain and out into the space of "getitdonenowium". but sometimes...people...err....uh...well, even i can be short sided in my communication. maybe i'm just imagining that you can hear the dialog that's going on in my head...and then i just fill in the blanks with my words. that's clear, right?

recently, i read an email from a friend sent only to copy list or anything. he was replying to me about some changes that he thought needed to be made in our organization and was expressing his passion behind the "why" of us making these changes. like most self centered people (did i just say that out loud?), i read his email through the lens of memememememememe. i assumed the ideas he was expressing were for my specific department. seems logical, right? but as i dug a little deeper, i found out when i asked him a few questions that he was actually speaking much more broad expressing his thoughts for our entire organization, not just my department, which meant that not all of the message applied directly to me. now, this may seem like no big deal, but if you are suggesting that someone reevaluate the way a colleague does their might make some solid sense to qualify which parts of your message are specific....and which parts are, shall we say conceptual.

so my point in all of this our fast paced world of get it done now...when communicating...there's no substitute for slowing down a bit and making sure people understand exactly what you're meaning...not just what you're saying. get it? cool!

have a great weekend!

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