Monday, October 18, 2010


i never expected what would have happened when, by chance, we connected in such an amazing way that it made me question all my seemingly mundane motions that i go through each and every day. that in a split second i could go from joy to pain to sorry and strain and fear and frustration all resting inside that space between my shoulders, right below my head.

you? me? how can it be that we lived our whole lives without seeing each other until now...and quite frankly, i would've preferred to have kept it that way, but no! this fantastically powerful meshing of what was once so strong but now, is broken.

here we are and now i can't erase the truth that i have NO IDEA how we came together. none! but i do know for sure that you'll be gone someday...soon (i hope). never to be seen again (i pray), but what will remain (unfortunately) will be the questioning and confusion, consequences and debt for my part of our coincidental coming together. how can you have made such a mark? crash!

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brad said...

nice. natural rythm. we all crash. most daily. all the consequences resting somewhere, shoulders; necks; backs, higher and lower. crash: involving others, all the more import. Crash; leaving flat. smash. broken. next day, new hope, life restored. Lord