Tuesday, September 21, 2010

"well, THAT's not what i expected"

have you ever done something or maybe NOT done something, assuming there would be a certain reaction? only to be let down by the response, or lack there of?

it's funny how assumptions work. i may think to myself...i don't expect anything in return if i do something above and beyond the call of duty...uh....at least nothing beyond what's "normal" or "what i would have done". see there...assumption.

so, maybe i did assume? and then maybe...just maybe, when i realized that my heroic actions weren't being met with the fan fair that i had expected, i got a little mad. maybe even laid a little pathway to guilt-trip isle. that's justified right? i mean...all they had to do was just show the normal amount of gratitude...right? wrong!

anytime...let me re-phrase. 100% of the time that you have a specific expectation, and you don't communicate that expectation in advance to those that are EXPECTED to perform the expectation...expectantly...(wheww!)...well friends, you're just asking for trouble. let's just stick with the old adage shall we...

ASSUME = making an ASS out of U and ME!

have a great day!

less of me...

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