Wednesday, January 13, 2010

sometimes i feel like a nut: john mayer

sometimes, i can't help myself but to find out everything i can about someone. you'll see a book or a magazine in a book store, or you'll hear a song on the radio and think....MAN....i want to know more about that person. so where do you turn to in such desperate times....wikepedia! that's right!

well, today was john mayer's day. it started when my good friend randy sent me a link of john playing his new single 'heartbreak warfare'. it ended with me admiring the decor in his soho apartment. scary huh? now before you roll your eyes and click over to check your facebook page...let me say that i've appreciate john mayer's music for awhile now. i admit, i was one of the millions that loved his first big record. but it wasn't until i saw him play on austin city limits that i really appreciated the amazing talent that this guy has. no joke! if i had half the chops this guy does...well...i wouldn't be blogging about another singer/guitar player. i'd be blogging about how fantastic i am. :-)

any how...i'll leave you with this clip from his 2007 austin city limits performance. enjoy!


Sharon said...

Really??? And you get all over Brady for needing and retaining crazy Star Wars facts???? REALLY?????

The Lady of the House... said...

This was a really good post! Scary as it is, I do the same thing. I'm intrigued but what people I both admire and dislike are comprised of...good to know I'm not alone. Thanks for the great brain candy!