Tuesday, January 12, 2010

accidents happen....meanness flattens

oh boy. what a day. what a week....heck....what a year. i know i didn't write a very good new years post...but please don't take that as a sign of an uneventful 2009. it was anything but.

i was perusing my blog and noticed that the category with the most posts was reflection.

reflection? now that can mean almost anything....but as i looked through it i found that most of the posts at a glance were about relationships. good, bad, and ugly. it reminded me of something that my good friend dave always says. "we are created to be relational people". i guess he's right!

in an effort to stay true to form, i wanted to talk about accidents vs. meanness as it relates to relationships. to start, i went to the dictionary. here's what it says...

accident: an unfortunate event or circumstance resulting especially from carelessness or ignorance.

meanness: being below the standards of human decency and dignity, characterized by petty selfishness or malice.

wow! words have so much power....even when merriam webster uses them! i guess my point is that accidents are understandable....heck....they are predictable. it's not a question of if they happen...it's more like when they happen. not one of us humans are perfect. we all have flaws, and show them....on a regular basis. myself included. we are all works in progress.....CAN I GET AN AMEN!!! don't get me wrong....to act with carelessness in ones relationships isn't a great quality, but it's definitely the lesser of evils.

but to be mean...well, that requires something different. another element. intent. disregard. acting without conscience. defeating someone, decisively. the worst part in my opinion is the complete awareness of the result and still not stopping. if there's intent, believe me the source will be watching for results. it's tough to comprehend that people can be like that to others when you read it like that....but believe me when i say that no one is above reproach in this. we have all been mean to someone else.

so my point today is that we all need to care for one another. sounds easy huh? it's not. but that needs to be the goal. we may not always get it right....but if you don't, do everything you can to repair it. life is too short to live with anger and regret. we are a vapor....here today and gone tomorrow. take care...

less of me...


Sue said...

You must have been at my house this morning! Haha, one of those days with Lani and I. I read your blog to Jessie (Chris's girlfriend) and we both started to laugh. You definately had to have been here this morning. Thanks for posting these blogs

vsossaman said...

Good thoughts Jeramy, you are so right, all works in progress no perfection until heaven. Won't that be a glorious day! Our relationships are definately something we should cherish and never take for granted.