Wednesday, November 25, 2009

rejoicing with friends

hey all...just wanted to let you know about something cool that happened for a couple of friends of ours. sharon and i met mera and brian a couple years back and have really enjoyed hanging out (mostly on the internet) with them ever since. they are super giving...incredibly hilarious and two of the most sincere folks you'll ever meet. they launched their brand new web site this week and if you are interested in photography (i am) or you are a mom (i'm not) then you'll be super interested in what they do. be sure and stop by their new site and check it out. there are lots of videos and a cool blog and all sorts of goodies to see. tell them i sent you....they'll get a kick out of that! enjoy!


Jessica Young said...

Another reason to read Mera's blog. . . . your comments. Love them.

Jeramy Sossaman said...

ahhh....thanks jessica. i was checking out your site today. looks great!