Saturday, September 12, 2009

show time: jason squires record release

i opened up for jason squires at his record release last night. a great time was had by all. thanks so much to my friends that came out to see me. you guys are the best....and i really appreciate your support. it means a lot! :-)

jason had put a lot into the night and you could tell that he was super excited to put these new songs in the hands of the folks that came out. he's released 2 other records so far that you can get on his website. i think one of the coolest things last night was when jason offered all three of his cd's for free to anyone that made a commitment to sponsor a child with world vision. jason travels and works with world vision helping to give poor children all over the world a chance for a better life. it's a great mission and he is super passionate about it. jason made sure that the night was about more then the release of a record, but instead about giving to others. what a great thing!

i got to meet several nice folks for the first time. everyone was super encouraging and seemed enjoy their first dose of me! that's always a bonus. :-) so, here's my set list from last night....and some pictures...and a little video. enjoy!

less of me...

set list
it's never too late
you see me through
begin again
a new leaf
arms of my father


Cheryl said...

glad it went well... we so would have been there... Blessings!

Pastor's Perspective said...

Loved the pics and clip J (Great sound quality!). So happy that it went well for you.

FMN Design said...

Congrats Jeramy!!!

Anonymous said...

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