Wednesday, July 22, 2009

san francisco photowalk

last saturday, sharon, nicky and i went to sf to participate in the scott kelby 2nd annual worldwide photowalk. basically, this dude scott kelby, that i know nothing about has these events in cities all over the world. random photogs get together and walk through the cities with there cameras. pretty crazy actually. well, as you know i'm not much of a photographer....but i'm working on it. so, a couple months back nicky asked if sharon and i would go with her, so we said yes. i figured if i was traveling with two real photographers, then i was pretty safe.

we started at the ferry building, walked through the embarcadero buildings, past the transamerica building, up to north beach, down broadway past all the strip joints and back to the pier. it was pretty cool actually. i was kind of bracing myself for it to be lame, but i actually enjoyed myself. i love sf. and i'm learning to love to take pictures, so i guess it was a good combo. we also met a super nice gal named laurel. oh yeah, and our leader was named jim. he has a sweet picture of maverick's on his portfolio.

after we were done, we all went to dinner at gordon biersch for nicky's b-day. oh, yeah, it was her birthday! :-) then almost got our car locked in the parking garage, then retrieved it ($50 later) and then headed home.

ok, so that's about the gist of it. but now, i'm going to be vulnerable and show you some of the photos i took. so go easy on me...i'm new at this.


Nicholle said...

You are awesome Jeramy!! Thank you for coming with me! I had a great time with you two!

I love your shots.

My favorite is the last one! I loved how excited you got when you saw that reflection in the window!! You have a very good eye!!

You need to work on your confidence like your wife has!! GREAT JOB!!

Love you both!! Thank you for making my 28th birthday extra special!

Sharon said...

Yeah! You put photos that you actually took on your blog! I love them! My favs are the second and third ones. I got a lantern shot too, but yours is better.

Lets go back when we can just walk around and take our time! Stop for a slice of pizza... a latte... Sound fun?

Jeramy Sossaman said...

thanks babe. and yes, i'd love to go with you, and yes, it sounds fun! love you!

Pastor's Perspective said...

Great pics J! Way to capture the vibe of the city we all love. You have a gift young man!

sarah said...

cool pictures, love the chinese lanterns. Cool buildings there too. What a cool idea!

steve said...

nice job jsosososososman!