Monday, July 20, 2009

busy boy

so much last weekend. i'm going to give you a simple break down of friday evening through sunday night for the sake of time and energy conservation.

-shlanged some bbq for frank t's on friday night at the creek walk
-swam in the pool...the big kids mastered the diving board. yeah!!!! no sunscreen...ouch!
-participated in the 'scott kelby photo walk' in SF with picky and sharon
-ate at gordon biersch
-led worship for 2 services
-swam in the pool....more good times. sunscreen...good.
-kid showers and bed....yeah!
-homegrown work...lots of it....interrupted by a little ice cream.
-a bit of 'old school' and off to bed.
-done and done.

have a great monday!


Sharon said...

I'm tired for you!

Sharon said...

your links are killing me.