Tuesday, May 26, 2009

one tick, two tick, three tick, four!

i hope you all had a fantastically relaxing memorial weekend. i did. we all just hung around the house. got some much needed yard work done, watched some tv, laid around....you know the drill. yesterday afternoon, right around 5:00pm, sharon suggested we head out to rush ranch. it's a real, working ranch that is open to the public. there are trails and animals....all sorts of fun stuff. sharon has been out there several times with the kids, so this was a great opportunity for me to see all the fun for myself.

and it was. fun that is. the kids ran and played. i got a photography lesson from sharon (more about that later), and we all just enjoyed the peace and quiet....that is until we got home.

when we walked in the door, everyone dumped their stuff and dispersed. i remembered a quick e-mail that i needed to send, so i hoped on the computer and began typing away. and then. i felt something. a slight itch on my lower back. i reached under my shirt to scratch, but it wasn't just my skin. i felt a bug. no biggie....i stood up and started walking to the kitchen to throw said bug in the garbage disposal (yes, that's what i do) and as i passed sharon, the peace and quiet came to a screeching halt.

A TICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sharon saw it on my back as i walked past her. so, i grabbed it and tossed it....and then, in a sudden moment of silence, we both realized as we stared at each other like two cowboys pacing off their steps for a duel, that if i had a tick on me....that there were more then likely ticks on all of us.

sharon screamed again, and we started ripping off our clothes (i know...just like a dream!!!). it was actually like that scene in the movie 'stand by me' where the boys took a dip in a lake only to discover that they picked up a bunch of leaches. remember that scene? that was us. sharon yelled upstairs to the kids to take off their clothes and bring them down. the next 30 minutes was sheer panic. screaming and crying. showers and laundry. total chaos.

in the end, i pulled 4 ticks off of me. 11 more from everyone else. crazy. a couple glasses of wine later, things had settled down. we ended up having a great evening later.....but i think it will be awhile before we head out to rush ranch again. too bad! and because a blog post is always better with a picture.....here you are.


Katie Gonzalez said...

You are supposed to save the ticks in a baggy to have them tested, to make sure they do not have lime disease.
Ok that post made me itchy all over. I hate Ticks they are soooo gross. You found 11!!! holy cow, I would have passed out.

Sharon said...

Non of the ticks had bitten us... they were still crawling around finding just the right spot to eat us alive.
I'm so grossed out! I'm trying to not search the girls every 2 minutes! And I gave the big kids a once over before I let them out of the car for school this morning!
I'm going to go crazy itching!!! I am stocking up on bug spray!!!

vsossaman said...

Oh my goodness! That is sooooo creepy. You got the real cowboy experience I guess.

Cheryl said...

Pictures are nice, but not ALWAYS... Not a big fan of ticks myself... but won't bore you with the stories!

Matt Reoch said...

Ahhhh that's where 'Rush' Ranch gets its name! Eewwwwww!

Wendy said...


FMN Design said...

I can just see you all screaming and tossing your clothes off. I have the willies just thinking about it. What is UP with the ticks????? Enough already!!

Dana said...

I physically shuddered at the mere picture. Thanks for the heebie Jeebies on this fine Friday morning my friend. ;P

Monika said...

Yuck, I think in this case the post would have been better WITHOUT a picture!!!

Now I don't want to go out to Rush Ranch anymore. Dang it!